Kids Village

GrassRoots is great for young people!

The festival is full of culturally rich, interactive experiences & artistic explorations for the whole family to enjoy.

Our Kid’s Village is the hub for activities geared especially towards young ones!

The Kid’s Village is staffed by our wonderful festival volunteers! Sign up on the Volunteer page & join us!

General Happenings in the Kids Village

Everyday at the Kid’s Village you can: doodle on projects with U-Doodle, sponge and seaweed paint, create rubber-band bracelets, make & learn poi, create origami, cut snowflake prints, play with hula hoops, do group games, create and build with our arts supplies, blow bubbles, meet lots of other young people, explore the nearby playground, join in on an island discovery adventure, learn about various flora and fauna of the island, and hear Costal Ghost Tales. Watch the website and check our activity board at the festival for complete schedule as we fill it with fun activities!

2014 Kids Village Programming

Friday Feb 21st

10:00am…Kids’ Yoga in the Sustainability Pavilion

11:30am….A Special Presentation TBA in the Sustainability Pavilion

1:00 pm….U-Doodle in the Sustainability Pavilion

2:30pm…Kids’ Drumming in the Sustainability Pavilion

Saturday Feb 22nd

9:30am….Story Time in the Sustainability Pavilion

10:15am….Kids’ Yoga in the Sustainability Pavilion

11:15am….U-Doodle in the Sustainability Pavilion

2:15am….Kids’ Drumming at the Zen Village Stage

3 pm….Poi Making & Learning in the Kids Village Tent

Sunday Feb 23rd

9:45am….Story Time in the Sustainability Pavilion

11:45am….TBA in the Sustainability Pavilion

Noon….Poi Making & Learning in the Kids Village Tent

1:15pm ….Parade Prop Crafting at the Zen Village Stage

2:00pm…Let’s Emerge Miami Freedom Parade processes through the Festival site

Workshop by U-DOODLE

U-DOODLE  is a platform for social collaboration and visual expression through Doodling. It allows people to unite based upon the universal ability to Doodle. Through this medium, you will be able to participate in creating beautiful designs in a fun and enjoyable way. U-DOODLE is here to give representation to your creative abilities in a non-elitist and interactive environment! We’re not perfectionists and we’re not requiring anybody else to be!

Sustainability Pavilion Friday at 1:00pm & Saturday at 11:15am

Kid’s Yoga & Movement

Kids Yoga is a great chance for kids to explore their bodies in new and exciting ways. The 45 minute oceanside class with involve plenty of movement and relaxation time.

Sustainability Pavilion Friday at 10:00am and Saturday at 10:15am

Story Time

Join us for a time to share in one of the world’s oldest traditions – storytelling! With picture-books, props, puppets, and interactive fun. Its great for all ages!

Sustainability Pavilion Saturday at 9:30am & Sunday at 9:45am

Kids Drumming

Learn a variety of traditional drumming styles!

Zen Village Pavilion Saturday 2:15pm

Let’s Emerge Miami Freedom Parade Crafting Workshop

Get inspired to participate in the Freedom Parade. How do you express your freedom? Singing? Dancing? Painting? Have a message you’d like to share? We’ll be setting up a crafting area to make signs, props, & accessories for the parade!

Zen Village Pavilion Sunday at 1:15pm

Let’s Emerge Miami Freedom Parade

One of GrassRoots’ most fun happenings is the parade!! It’s a participatory celebration that processes through the festival Saturday. This year’s theme is Freedom! Emerge Miami, a local non-profit that works to strengthen the social bonds of folks in our community, is hosting the parade. All are welcome to join. Costumes & props are encouraged, especially those spreading messages of positivity and freedom

Sunday 2:00pm


Great ideas about programs, an attic full of art supplies you want to donate? Get in touch with our Kid Village Coordinator about ways to get involved-!

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