Live Art! Hosted by GrassRoots, Produced by Yo Miami


World-renowned mural artists and up & coming raw talent, Miami’s Artistic flavor is so delicious you don’t want to miss it!


Add to the musical mix, painters and street art pros, creating visual art on canvas to the same beats you are dancing to! Brought to you by GrassRoots and Yo Miami arts collective, local artists will be on-site throughout the 4-day festival creating art in real time. All artwork will be available for purchase on-site at the festival upon completion. A portion of sales will benefit the Little Haiti Mural Project, a local arts non-profit aimed at maintaining the spirit of the Little Haiti community while beautifying its streets.

Check out this video of DaveL designing the mural on our trailer from the 2013 festival!

DaveL @ Grassroots from JCuts on Vimeo.

2016 Live Artists:


Buddah Funk

buddahBuddah Funk or B. Funk is a Miami based artist and photographer. Buddah studied Fine Art at MDC and later attended Miami International University of Art and Design. Buddah is currently working with different mediums. His street work consist of wheat-pasting and stencils of his “El Dorado” figures as he interacts with the environment, and urban landscape. His wheat-paste figures are  drawn, colored, and cut by hand.  Buddah’s “El Dorado” series is inspired by Pre-Colombian art from Colombia and the Americas. Some recent works Include Art That Feeds, Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine Sapphire Celebration, Miami Independent Thinkers Charity Art Action, A collaboration Mural With Luis Valle and Diana Contreras at Play-in in Wynwood. FIU Mammography Art Initiative and Cuba Skate.

Chy Tea

unnamed-2Chy Tea is an emerging artist in Miami and has involved himself with many mediums of art. Acrylic being his preference, he has also worked with charcoal, aerosol spray paint, acrylic, oil and watercolor paint, wheat paste etc. Furthermore, He has exhibited his works in many venues in Miami and is very active in the Wynwood community.

Carlos Solano

IMG_8355Carlos Solano is a artist who is striving to leave a positive mark in history with his art. Born and raised in the Bronx, NYC, Carlos draws inspiration from his upbringings and experiences. He is inspired by positive energy, cartoons, graffiti, bright colors, different cultures, religions and lifestyles which all play a part in his message as an artist. Carlos’ overall goal with his art is to bring a positive message to the world via color and content.

Casey Waterman

Screenshot_2016-02-16-10-28-52-1Moving to Miami just over four years ago, Casey Waterman was born and raised in a small rural town in New Hampshire. With over a decade of culminated work, his process and curiosity are mostly self taught and induced. His work, although can include a wide range of materials and mediums, is based primarily on the creation of a cut image from a photograph, drawing, or other form of visual media. In the removal of parts of the image he is interested in the tension between what is there and what is left out, why those choices are made and not what they say, but where they lead. The cut outs are then reintroduced as prints, paintings, sculptures and large scale murals. As an ongoing process of personal exploration he continues to investigate and create at his studio in Little River, Miami. Casey’s work can be found in private collections along the eastern seaboard.

Claudia Labianca

CYMERA_20160108_081149Born in sicily, Claudia La Bianca was 11 years old when she painted her first mural. She studied at the Institute of Arts were she specialize in fashion design and also studied the art of film making at the New York Film Academy. Claudia has already directed and produced a vast number of national commercials ,music videos and just completed her second feature film entitled “THE JOURNEY OF A DRAGONFLY.” Claudia has also managed to make a noticeable mark in the world most known street art gallery in “Wynwood” Miami , where her murals are flourishing into 30 feet tall incredibly sexy and confident women of wonder.


018Cone is a Miami based artist originally out of Habana, Cuba. His artwork can be best described as an artistic expression of graffiti oriented abstract surrealism. Cone makes his paintings into a fun experience by incorporating hidden messages and images within the artistic creation which is composed of mixed media, textured painting, that come to life though the use of the chroma depth lenses due to the way the artist overlays the colors and tones in the final painting. The paintings are used as a medium of full expression and therefore incorporate a lot of objects with double meaning and symbolism depending on placement and combinations used throughout the entire canvas. Some of the mixed media tools that Cone uses to bring the vision to reality include but are not limited to; Spray cans, Acrylics, Oils, Latex, Buff paint, and home mixed markers and tools using mixed pigments and inks.

Cosby Hayes

hayesHailing from Tallahassee Florida, Cosby Hayes moved to Miami in 2015 after receiving his BFA from Florida State University, to pursue his artistic endeavors. As a painter and muralist his work uses architectural elements and figures that reference historical motifs. Hayes blends modern aesthetics and concepts with classical themes to create a visual dialogue between the past and present.

Danny Ferrer

22 yr old Daniel Ferrer is a Cuban-American visual artist hailing out of sunny Miami, FL. Influenced by today’s culture, social issues, and spirituality his work is a breath of fresh air.


 Jake Cordero

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 11.24.36 AMJake’s artwork reflects influences of cultural, spiritual, musical, and poetic energies that surround him daily. The ideas for his work tend to be a complex breakdown of that environment, which began as reactions, then sparked emotional connections with the images therein. He has been known for mixed media-intense renderings of the complex, with a twist of the imagery that strongly moves him. The interpretation of Jake’s beliefs and experiences translate into works that embody the emotions evoked by his poignant life.

Jay Bellicchi aka REMOTE

Since moving to Miami in 2000, Boston native Jay has taken his place in the art scene as a dynamic artist with influences in graffiti, fine art & design. At an early age Jay was inspired by a budding hip-hop culture, as well as the alternative punk rock scene. Jay’s love for music and art directed him towards graffiti, which influences and informs his work to this day. Jay creates abstract reflections of urban decay, layered chaos juxtaposed with crisp lines and shapes. Graffiti and street art deteriorate as time progresses, things get erased, gone over, crossed out and weathered. This process creates an aesthetic that speaks to me, one that I find beautiful. I aim achieve this aesthetic using various techniques in each of my paintings.

Luis Valle

Luis Valle is a Nicaraguan born artist living in Miami Florida. Born April 16, 1977 in Managua. In 1979 his family left Nicaragua for the United States because of civil war and political instability in the country. He grew up in Miami where he received his primary and high school education.  Luis believes that spirituality has been lost in the mix of commercialism and fashion in art. He strives to bring the essence of the soul to his artwork. He believes that humans are inherently spiritual beings who are here to realize the same goal. Which is the self realization of his or herself and destiny.

Nate Dee

Born and raised in south Florida, Nathan Delinois has numerous influences including his Haitian background and the use of color in a lot of Haitian art, as well as street art, the design quality of African art and the drama of Greek art from the Hellenistic period can also been seen in his work. Additionally, he takes some influences from the new pop surrealists.  His work is similar to a potpourri with a mélange of images and patterns. Usually based on a figurative element that is the focal point, the images and patterns are representative of his personal experiences, ideas, and philosophies.

Rei Ramirez

Rei Ramirez is a Fine Artist & Graphic Designer residing in Miami Beach. In 2008 Rei began to work on a technique that combined his favorite art styles:portraiture, realism, graffity, art nouveau, comics, fantasy art, surrealism, Japanese print and Graphic Design. Using medias like acrylic on canvas, carved wood, pencils, airbrush, and pen and ink, Rei tries to create a world of color, people and animals using a combination of these styles, creating unique and hand crafted pieces.

Trek 6

Most recently Trek has been participating in urban beautification projects all around the world. He represented Miami in Pow Wow Hawaii and worked again with Charles Juhasz and the EML collective on a mural for Triufunal Polytechnico de San Juan for an exhibition named “Contrafuerte” in Puerto Rico. In 2012 he has had works featured on media sites like Huffington Post and publications such as USA Today, Sun Sentinel and The Miami Herald as well as having a mural showcased on the premier of the Emmy award winning baseball documentary “ The Franchise” on Showtime and participated in Heineken Open Your World Mural Project.He was just voted Miami New Times 2013 Street Artist of the Year.

Past Live Artists:

Nicole Salgar

10676205_10152781197479690_5785948326413619358_nStylistically, Nicole is inspired by a vast array of genres and mediums. From victorian design to Indigenous folk art, fantasy and so on…her background has been steeped in art since she was a child, so it is truly her nature.


SURGE (@illsurge) Born in Los Angeles and raised in Miami, Urban Pop artist, SURGE, has taken his bold, unmistakable style straight from his sketchbooks to the sun-stained streets of South Florida and beyond. SURGE’s love for cartoons and brilliant colors, along with a passion for hip hop culture, has shaped his artistic identity and resulted in work that can now been seen everywhere from walls in Miami’s legendary Wynwood Arts District to live painting performances during some of the area’s most high-profile charitable events.  His brash illustrations feature anthropomorphized characters that ar both inviting and cool.

Tee Davis aka Teepop

unnamedBorn in Pittsburgh, PA, Tee Davis began painting portraits at 6 years old & further developed her artistic talents at the Art Institute of Pennsylvania. Tee made her way to New York City, where she lived, worked, & painted for several years before moving to Miami, FL. She received a degree in graphic design from International Fine Arts College.

Drawing on a deep love of music & pop culture, Tee has been fusing the styles of Pop, Street, & Graphic Design in her paintings of musicians, actors, & icons for more than two decades! Constantly gathering inspiration from music, culture & everyday life.

Tesoro Carolina

 Raul Santos II aka OEMS

photo 1Cuban American artist born and raised in miami, Florida. Raul Santos II or better know as “OEMS” is a contemporary visual artist with works that very from wood cut sculptures and low brow street art inspired characters.

Jorge Rodriguez

My name is Jorge-Miguel Rodriguez, I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Miami. Ever Since I was a child, I took art classes that inspired me to do what I love. My styles vary from street, pop, and abstract art. As a high school graduate, I received a full scholarship to Digital Media Arts College, where I graduated as a graphic design and advertising major. During my studies, I continued to pursue my passion for art and design. I am proud of my accomplishments and the many things I have yet to encounter. As I continue my journey through life, I will always remember to stay true to myself and always follow my dreams.

Lynn Garcia

Lynn Garcia, “Lyne” is a Miami-born artist who specializes in contemporary urban art.  Lyne’s artwork reflects her mastery of different mediums depicting surrealistic images with a careful arrangement of bright vibrant colors and lines executed in a very unique and compositionally sound manner.


Meluka is A Cuban American artist who recently relocated to her hometown, sunny Miami. She has an unwavering love of cacti,  an enormous unorganized stamp collection, and an easy-to-please visual cortex. She lives a semi-nomadic lifestyle and has traveled most heavily in the American Southwest. Her paintings reflect the neon drenched fanciful love-soaked world she carries around in her brain. Making art is what helps her understand things about herself and the universe at large. She mostly paints people, because they make the most and least sense to her.

James Brutus

Studio by Terence PriceJames Brutus is an emerging and promising artist who went head first into the art scene. James’ body of work focuses primarily on painting and portraiture where his reputation of powerful figures balance between both meticulous brush strokes and dynamic loose energy. These figurative pieces question the social notion of nature and beauty; thus the age-old human longing for perfection.

Eat The Sun

Eat The Sun was born as a challenge, an endeavor between Grecia Quintero and Hector Pinzon, two visual artists based in Miami.  Our artwork takes a satirical view of our society through colorful and exciting characters. A wide variety of media gives us flexibility in our delivery of the message. Our ever-changing style makes serious topics approachable.

 Ernesto Kunde

Miami has long been a complex landscape intriguing & beguiling over four generations of visual artists. For Ernesto transforming the mangroves, wild birds, & crackled Deco architecture into a physically viable format is a simple process. He displays a keen eye for interpreting his tropical surroundings maintaining a colloquial tone: the vital elements of Miami as a natural and urban biosphere are omnipresent for Kunde, appearing on cuts of canvas, found wood & corrugated aluminum.

Gabriel Gimenez aka GG

Gabriel Gimenez, better known as GG, a 23-year-old self-made artist born in Venezuela, is the force behind Miami’s new age art movement. With a relentless curiosity towards life and tremendous work ethics, GG has built a name for himself in the art and fashion community. His talents caught the eyes of art enthusiasts, and has shown in local, national and international art fairs, special events and galleries. His inspirations spring from personal life experiences, feelings, emotions, goals and events that affect our environment in a negative or positive way – a personal life analysis expressed through his characters, main character being Fado.

Ivan Roque

Ivan Roque is an urban artist from Miami, Florida. Raised in the infamous inner city neighborhood of Carol City, Ivan has always had a passion for art, hip hop, and culture alike. His works have been featured during Art Basel at Pop Up Pianos Miami, a solo show at NAC Gallery, & are widely collected.





Kazilla is a Miami street artist. Her style bounds between the street arts and fine arts. She currently works as a muralist, whose inspired works arise from her background in math, science & biology. A native of New Mexico, she now hails from Miami, although maintains her status as an urban nomad.

Dave L

Dave L’s work is inspired by his surroundings & growing up in Miami. His aquatic themes reveal life through his eyes, the vibrant use of color evoking a play- ful yet meditative state of mind.

Mr Herget

Artist. Chancellor of Hope. Phantom of The Chakras. Love Activist. Positive Expectant. Born in Miami. Raised in YourCity. 22.


EVLworld presents CoLab 13-13. Miami’s Premier Collaborative Creative Fun Drawing Event! Let your inner artist shine! Erni Vales may be best known for his development of the 3D graffiti style that has influenced thousands worldwide to follow his technique; however, Vales, has a portfolio reaching far beyond what might be expected from a graffiti artist.


LEBO is a Cuban American artist widely recognized for working in a wide spectrum of creative medium includ- ing murals, paintings and sculptures. Live painting on- stage with Rusted Root and Keith Secola. Live auctions to follow performances.


Cory Hunter

Our Partners:

Yo Miami

What began as a passion for art, music and Miami has evolved into a force to be reckoned with in the local scene. An artists’ ecosystem, YoMiami bring together creatives from all walks of life and shines a light on the best that Miami culture has to offer.

Life Is Art

“Culture Builds Communities” Life Is Art is a Florida 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to create positive change in the community with the arts and culture through events and education. Founded in January of 2009, with a goal of building the community through cultural infrastructure, Life Is Art has produced or co-produced over sixty events with many more to come. Art shows, art fairs and festivals, educational workshops and networkers are just a few of the many programs Life Is Art uses to support the working artists, local businesses and the community in South Florida.


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