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Here are our guidelines to apply for 2016.

Craft Vendor Application Procedures:

Eligibility: All applicants must be the creators of the art or craft displayed. All applications received by the deadline are reviewed by a jury for acceptance/decline. Re-sale vendors will not be considered for booth spaces.

Jurying Procedure: A jury consisting of those who work in the arts select these vendors. It is different every year so if your work is not selected one year, it may be selected by another jury the next year and vice versa. Originality, quality of execution and festival appeal will be reviewed. The crafts area is limited to just 20 spaces. Keep in mind that your application is the only information the jury has of you and your art so your presentation is very important. We urge you to take your time with your application to give the jury the best sense of your work.

Photos or Digital Images: Please submit three images of your work and one of your booth and describe each on the application form.

Photo Descriptions: Here is your chance to directly tell the jury about the work involved in your craft. The more you explain the more it helps the jury understand your work!

Craft Medium: Please describe your specific medium: jewelry, clothing, pottery, mixed media, etc. and the materials and techniques you use.

Application Fee: There is a non-refundable $20 application fee required.

Fees: The booth fee is $250 for all four days of the festival. This fee includes: 2 4-day tickets and tent camping space behind your booth or any other tent camping area and one vendor parking pass. You will have to purchase any additional tickets and tent or vehicle camping at the going rate. See the festival ticket page  for more information and deadlines for early bird tickets.

Electricity: If you want electricity, another $15 must be added onto your booth fee. Explain in detail your exact electrical needs and please include all amperage draws on all electrical appliances that you will bring. Contact an electrician or the manufacturer if you are not sure. Bring your own extension cords.

Spaces: Spaces will accommodate  a 10′ x 10′ booth. If you have an unusual sized tent or booth please indicate it’s dimensions. Set up is outdoors on sandy ground.  Bring all your own display materials ( chairs, tables, etc. ), tarps and canopies. Booths are the sole responsibility of the crafts vendor. You must lock up your merchandise at night.  Also, please indicate on your application if you have any special placement requests. We will do our best to accommodate those with special needs.

**We have a few 10 (front) x 20 (deep) spaces available and will consider requests on an individual basis. If you are interested in a larger booth space, please note it on your application but understand you may not receive one. The booth fee for 10 x 20 spaces is $450.

Application Form: Please fill out the application form completely. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Applications need to be received by December 19th

Taxes: It is the sole responsibility of the vendors to abide by all FL state sales and use tax laws.

*Deadline and other details: Communications and notifications will take place using email so be sure to include an email address that you check frequently on your application. If accepted, upon notification you will be sent a link for booth and fee information.

Thanks so much for your interest in participating in the Virginia Key GrassRoots Festival of Music and Dance!

Please fill out our Craft Vendor Application

Feel free to get in touch with Leslie our Craft Vendor Coordinator at



craftvendors2015 Craft Vendors

For Claudia’s Sayke

Crafts handmade organic body care, soaps, herbal preparations, massage oils and salves.

Gloria Janell Nature Inspired Jewelry

Creates wire wrapped gemstone jewelry made from sterling silver and gold filled metals.

Henna Deva

Brings us henna tattoos, face painting and one-of-a-kind festival headdresses and crowns.

Katie Did It

Crafts musically inspired decorative and functional stained-glass pieces and jewelry.

Michael Smith Shibori

Creates non-traditional Shibori on silk, rayon and cotton garments.

Morgan Golladay

Creates abstract art pieces visually representing life events and feelings.

Mullen Soap

Brings us a wide selection of soaps made using natural and wild crafted ingredients.

New World Glass

Offers flameworked and fused glass jewelry of borosilicate glass.

Planet Love

Clothing is art for people that speaks to the soul using natural materials and excellent workmanship.

Stella Urban

Makes a complete line of beautiful, comfortable and durable jewelry for women and men including rings, necklaces, bracelets, rosaries and wedding bands.


Designs and builds wooden percussion instruments, various Cajon style drums and shakers.

Takto Artifacts

Offers bamboo lamps, leather accessories and jewelry made with natural materials.

Tom Kat Originals

Designs one-of-a-kind leather accessories made from reuse materials including wristbands, necklaces, earrings, purses and wallets.

Work Art

Crafts a range of chainsaw sculptures including fish, birds, and all sorts of other creatures.

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