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The Dance element of GrassRoots is just as central as the Musical base. Most of the music represented at the festival has a parallel dance tradition (or traditions). Dance is an expressive and participatory way to enjoy the festival, whether wiggling in the meadow or tearing it up in the dance tent. We welcome you to move to the music! The heart of the festival is our gigantic, gorgeous Dance Tent, featuring a dance floor and back-to-back bands representing a wide range of genres and styles. We’ve scheduled dance workshops each day with an incredible group of professionals who welcome you to drop by and try out some steps. Curious about swing dance? Want to try the two-step? Up your salsa chops? Hoop to your hearts content? We’ll be offering Salsa, Bacheta, Zydeco, & Hooping workshops preceding some seriously awesome dance bands, so get ready!



If GrassRoots had a definitive pulse it would be Zydeco and the Franks set the heartbeat. Returning instructors from last year and fixtures of the Florida dance world, Jerry Carrier & Jarene Williams will be leading the Zydeco dance workshops, don’t miss out!


This will inspire you to get up and get moving! Instructor, Nkachika has studied West African rhythms and dance for almost 20 years and has taught adults, children and teens for over 13 years. Nkachika performs African dance, fitness and a creative movement experience. Come join her and learn some moves! For more information about the class go to or a Chikamoves meetup group.


In this workshop you will be introduced to a variety of Latin movements and rhythms. We will warm-up by grounding our energy while shifting into the heart & soul of Latin dancing, generating a vibrant and playful environment. The focal point of this workshop is SALSA dancing with an emphasis on rhythm, footwork, timing, and connection with partner. Taught by Aubrey Griffith- Zill and Adam Phillips, Open to ALL levels.


Bachata is a style of social dance that originated in the Dominican Republic and has grown in popularity around the world. In this workshop we will warm up with the basic elements and fundamentals of footwork and style. Then utilizing your new steps, we will learn how to Bachata dance with a partner. This class will improve your lead and follow, and increase footwork and pattern knowledge. Taught by Adam Phillips and Aubrey Griffith-Zill. It’s time to get movin’! See you on the dance floor.


Bli Bi Gore Eric is a professional lead solo drummer from Ivory Coast, West Africa; a well travelled musician over the past 20 years providing a well of West African culture to all. Dancer Narsha Cummings will lead the dance workshop accompanied by Bli Bi Ensemble.


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