Meet the 2019 Performers:


Cortadito is a traditional Cuban music group which focuses on performing the music of early 20th century Cuba. From Son Montuno, Guaracha, Boleros, Nengon, and Bolero Son, this dynamic ensemble brings you back to a time when Trio Matamoros, or Ignacio Piniero ruled the airwaves. An era when popular music was Cuban Music and Son Montuno was influencing the world over. From time to time Cortadito is backed by a variety of guest musicians which gives the group a sound reminiscent of the Buena Vista Social Club.


Fabi World Music Experience

fabiFABI is a blend of world beat-rootsy-grooves with lyrics in English, Spanish and Portuguese. A six piece band of gypsies, hailing from Colombia, Morocco and different parts of Latin America, FABI is a collective of masterful musicians dedicated to make music that elevates audiences and turns the dance floor into a sea of smiles! Fabi

The Blind Spots

whitneynicholsphotography-6199This all original, five-piece moxy rock band steered by magnetic songstress and force of nature Maddy Walsh has been actively touring the country after the release of its third studio album, RHIZOMATIC, which was accompanied by several music videos released at two sold-out premieres in their hometown of Ithaca, NY. The Blind Spots


Elastic Bond

Miami-based recording artist Elastic Bond brings an urban edge with a tropical twist to the indie music scene combining the hypnotic grooves of electronica with different styles of soul, hip-hop, funk, and Latin. Being part of a new generation of Latinos growing up in the US who have bloomed to represent their roots, as well as their influences in their music across the globe, their city has recognized them as cultural ambassadors and local heroesElastic Bond



Nag Champayons

The group began as a improvisational collective who’s name came out of the burning of Nag Champa incense during early jams and won the band New Times’ “Best Band Name”. Drawing from African, Caribbean, hip-hop, rock and jazz influences, the NAGs have consistently amazed crowds with their diversity, quickly rising to the top of Miami’s music and art scene. Nag Champayons



Free spirited individuals born from Latin grooves of and the soulful jazz of your sister’s hips. We feel, love, live, and vibe with you through the tropical and earthy sounds impregnated in our hands and voices.  Tamboka


 Skinny Hendrix

He’s Skinny Hendrix, and he’s like a hotdog – he’s HOT, dog! His nutty lyrical work, crispy synthesis, and crunchy bass-lines make for a hearty and wholesome musical experience. His sets are packed with a quirky, unique, decadent flavor – bursting with a bold energy complimented with some lip-smacking beats! This will be the most fun journey that your musical palate has ever tasted! Catch executive chef, Skinny Hendrix cooking up some scrumptious beats, and enjoy the tasty Food Music! … (i don’t get it – is it food? – is it music?) …

 Jose Albizu Jazz Trio

Led by Twenty Three year old bass virtuoso, Jose Albizu, brings a show packed with intricate, soulful, soaring improvisation.  Noted for his unique ability to blend modern styles with traditional, Albizu has been making a name for himself in the Jazz community in Miami and beyond.  He is quickly becoming one of the most sought after talents on the upright bass.  The trio will bring together talent from all over Miami with some of the most talented faces in the jazz community.  You can expect thought provoking composition. Featuring Antonio Madruga and Brahm Masala.

Tenzin Chopak

Tenzin Chopak (vocals, guitar, piano, double bass, cello), is an artist and songwriter based in Ithaca, NY.  The son of a minister and an artist, and the brother of a fellow musician and songwriter Greg Horne, Tenzin learned to love music in his father’s church in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  He studied voice, piano, and guitar in his childhood and youth, frequently performing his original music publicly.  In 1999, after some years of a burgeoning devotion to the study of Tibetan language and religion, he traveled to North India.  It was during his eight month stay there that he was given the name “Tenzin Chopak”.  For the following twelve years, while continuing his study of Tibetan in upstate, NY, Tenzin kept music a quiet if not hidden part of his life.  

School Of Rock Miami

Welcome to School of Rock Miami, where students learn to rock their worlds. Perfectly poised in the heart of Miami’s bustling music ecosystem, School of Rock Miami has the right teachers, instruments, and programs your student needs to jam their way to success.

School of Rock isn’t just about creating killer musicians with a lasting love for all things rock. Because life isn’t a solo act, we’re equally focused on creating awesome bands of friends and musicians. We’re as much about orchestrating a community in Miami full of cool experiences as we are about building confidence, extraordinary teamwork, and achieving excellence through our unique teaching method.

Everyone deserves to feel like a rock star. Welcome to a place where students learn to create face-melting music while developing the skills they need to do so much more. School Of Rock Miami







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