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33 Years


 Aaron Lebos Reality


Dynamic musicians unite in this collaborative project fusing jazz, funk, Latin music and inventive improvisation. They’ll keep you on your toes and the dance floor with deep grooves and a knack for the unexpected.


AfrobetaMiami’s avant-dance duo will make you shake your groove thing. The band’s original tracks could be chart-toppers but formulaic they are not. Tony Laurencio layers synth tracks and funk-laden bass lines while Cuci Amador delivers high-energy vocals and serious style. Get ready to move!

Alejandro Elizondo

Alejandro Elizondo

Astro Hawk

AstroHawkConscious Electronic Dance Music! We’ll take it! Astro Hawk lights up the dance floor with his DJ sets of original tracks and live performance elements, combining rich layers of sound with beats to move your feet.  He aims to elevate your consciousness through sound, social justice and environmental awareness. Heal through dance!


BACHACO_webBachaco – This Miami, Florida group is part of the new Reggae sound, blending classic rhythms with Afro-Carribean beats and Latin sound. Their vibe is roots and their attitude is global. Take a listen!

Big Brooklyn Red

IMG_3602_WEBBrooklyn native turned Miami soul singer, Big Brooklyn Red’s trademark freestyles make each performance one of a kind. His improvisational talent and sultry vocals evoke a back-in-time blues club vibe that will transport your mind and make your body sway to the fluid rhythms.


Big Mean Sound Machine

BMSMBMSM formed in 2009 with one goal: to create music that stimulates both body and mind. Today, BMSM is a collective of over fifteen analog artists bringing together musical languages of West Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and North America to create a lush bed of rhythm and harmony that embraces even the most hardcore fans of both Traditional Funk and Avant-garde Jazz. Their songs are Big and sometimes Mean, but Sound a lot more soulful than any Machine!

The Blind Spots

374544_10151790073732586_1128290713_nThis female-fronted 5-piece moxy rock band joins us from New York to spread eclectic vintage keyboard sounds, bold electric guitar stylings and Force of Nature vocals from lead singer Maddy Walsh.



bluejay_WEBIndie-Soul trio Bluejay bring cello, guitar, synth sounds and drums together in a uniquely Miami style. Their pop hooks ride unconventional melodies and vocal harmonies charm throughout.  We’re excited to hear this dynamic group, born of urban sensibilities, on the beaches of Virginia Key.

Brendan O’Hara

BrendanOharaMiami Roots-Rocker Brendan O’Hara moves flawlessly from guitar to piano, singing all the while and bringing you from soul style storytelling to jazz riffs on a tropical breeze.  This is South Florida music from one of The Magic City’s native sons.

Chantil & the Dukes of Art

10293603_324312304383337_4253431208346110414_oListen to a unique blend of Funk, Jazz, Mo-Town, and R&B from this young and smooth trio. Chantil’s vocals range from silky to soulful and her keyboard skills are not to be underestimated. Backed by dynamic drums and bass guitar the sound captures a Miami mood previously unheard.

Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires


The rise of Charles Bradley is a story of rough times and redemption. This soul virtuoso, discovered by Daptone Records has played South By Southwest, Newport Folk Festival and Bonnaroo and cemented his place in the Psych-Rock revival with the release of his second album Victim of Love. After years of ill-fitting jobs Bradley has found his calling and his Mainstage voice has been received with acclaim around the world. We’re so glad to welcome this fiery icon to Virginia Key.  

Cleaveland Jones

403193_3024324375989_361919063_nCleaveland Jones is an ever-evolving artist. “I’ve changed my sound over the years and modified things,” the self-described “samba dub soul funk” master told New Times back in 2011. “And sometimes that’s been tweaking it to find what works here, and what the Miami audience is listening for. But also a part of that is Brazil, and just my own personal interest and affection for Brazilian and tropical music.”  Iconic Miami entertainment writer John Hood writes of the Ohio native, “If Caetano Veloso’s bastard son had been born in America’s Bread Basket and raised on a steady diet of Caribbean Cool, the result might sound like Taõ Jones.”


CortaditoCortadito is a traditional Cuban Son Trio which focuses on performing the music of early Cuban origins from Son Montuno to Boleros and Bolero Son. This dynamic group brings you back to a time when Trio Matamoros, or Ignacio Piniero ruled the airwaves. An era when popular music was Cuban Music and Son Montuno was influencing the world over.

Danay Suarez

DanaySuarezThe representative of conscious female Cuban hip-hop with an exquisite voice and fluid lyrical style. Suarez mixes R&B, jazz and hip hop to incredible effect.

Diali Cissokho & Kaira Ba

Dialli Cissokho & Kaira BaThis North Carolina based, kora-led dance band combines West African traditionals, funk, rock, blues, and elements of jazz into an irresistible musical experience.  Another group we’re so excited to share with Miami!


Donna The Buffalo

DonnatheBuffaloGrassRoots Festival founding band Donna the Buffalo source their sound from old-time American roots, a melting pot heritage drawn on and spun in to audible gold. From fiddle to accordion, scrub board to vocals, Tara Nevins lights up DTB performances with a prolific range. Jeb Puryear’s electric guitar playing moves seamlessly between rocking melodies and a slow sweet ballad style. With duel songwriters DTB displays an incredible musical depth. You might just hear a reggae beat merge with a bluegrass melody, or a zydeco groove take flight on a rock & roll riff!


1909410_10154667598610467_2398680247244751941_oIn a post-modern world of skyscrapers and handheld computers, Driftwood looks beneath the concrete and circuitry to find their sound. Based in Binghamton, NY, their unique blend of old-time folk with modern and world music features melodious fiddle blazing, boundless banjo thwacking, booming upright-bass thumping and gleeful guitar plucking alongside a scrap-wood kick box, clapping hands and stomping feet.

Elastic Bond

Miami’s own Elastic Bond delivers a unique sonic cocktail with an urban edge and a tropical twist, mixing Latin and Soul with modern sample-based production and the vibrant voice of Honduran songstress Sofy Encanto. Fusing horn section and percussion with electronica, tasty melodies and positive vibes, their funky groove kisses musical boundaries goodbye.

Electric Piquete

Electric Piquete 2015WEBA love of Latin Jazz, Funk, and collaboration created Electric Piquete. See a fatherson percussion team drive the beat and thick bass lines drop alongside soulful trumpet. Electric Piquete are not to be missed!


ephnikoEphniko The phrase Hip-Hop based “African Roots music from outer space” hints at the diverse influences that fuel this bilingual songwriter and emcee. See worlds collide at a typical Ephniko set. The phrase Hip-Hop based “African Roots music from outer space” hints at the diverse influences that fuel this bilingual songwriter and emcee. See worlds collide at a typical Ephniko set.



FABI is a blend of world beat-rootsy-grooves with lyrics in English, Spanish and Portuguese. A six piece band of gypsies, hailing from Colombia, Morocco and different parts of Latin America, FABI is a collective of masterful musicians dedicated to make music that elevates audiences and turns the dance floor into a sea of smiles!

The Family Stone

familystone“Everyday People.” “I Want to Take You Higher.” “Hot Fun in the Summertime.” “Family Affair.” “Dance To The Music.” These songs are the soundtrack of how many dance parties? The Family Stone changed American music forever with their gritty blend of funk, soul, R&B, and psychedelia, and we’re honored that they’re going to get on our stage and get us shakin’ our moneymakers.

Greg Humphreys Electric Trio

1431644984_11194484_1586081491653918_8053787712739077103_oWatch dynamic frontman Humphreys come to live in his newest incarnation of musical collaboration. With acoustic ballads left behind for now, find Humphrey’s on the electric guitar, somehow still maintaining the revealed heart and musical chops that make his music a true listening pleasure. Together with bassist Matt Brandau and drummer Keith Robinson the Electric Trio woos the stage with tunes that roll easily from jazz to soul to Rock n’ Roll.

Holy Ghost Tent Revival

HolyGhostTentRevival3This soul-rock band with a kickin’ horn section puts on a live performance that will have you sweating and shakin’ your groove thang as soon as the first track is put to rest. They couple tight musicianship with wild innovation and improvisation to match each crowd.

Jim Lauderdale

JimLauderdaleThey call him “alt-country,” “Americana,” and even “Y’all-ternative.” Singer/songwriter Jim Lauderdale is a Nashville treasure who helped lay out the blueprint for the Americana movement of the ’90s. Jim won a Grammy for Lost in the Lonesome Pines, a 2002 collaboration with Ralph Stanley.


Jody Gaskin Stories



JUkeJUke is a Miami-based dirty blues band that adds keys from legendary local acts like ArtOfficial and Spam Allstars to grow into a full swampy septet. Frontman Eric Garcia, aka Uncle Scotchy, howls and raves about love, loss, death and redemption as they push the possibilities of indy-blues straight into the future.

Keith Frank & The Solieau Zydeco Band

KeithFrankLouisiana natives criss-cross the country bringing Zydeco music and hours of dancing wherever they go. With generations of Zydeco music in their blood and Keith on the accordion to lead the way, this family band will remind you why you love Zydeco or help you discover that you do.

Keith Secola & His Wild Band of Indians

KeithSecolaKeith Secola is a member of the Anishinabe Nation and leader of “The Wild Band Of Indians.” He combines Folk Rock and Blues with Native American sensibilities, adding flutes, indigenous drums, and native chants to create a one world musical vision which he has coined “Native Americana.” Keith Secola has a magical way of getting the audience involved in stories and music, often ending a show with a huge participatory round dance.

Ketchy Shuby

Ketchy ShubyClassic soul gets a Miami boost in the hands of Ketchy Shuby. Listen up and listen good for the smooth sounds of this South Florida gem. We welcome them for the first time, to Virginia Key!

Laila Belle

Laila Belle

Laila Belle plays sweet, classic country music that rocks as much as it rolls. Hailing from Trumansburg, NY, the band features Amy Puryear on vocals and acoustic guitar, Ward Puryear on electric guitar, Jason Shegogue on lap steel and electric guitar, and Jeb Puryear and Mark Raudabaugh from Donna The Buffalo as their rhythm section, playing all original compositions.

Locos Por Juana

Locos2Locos Por Juana is an urban Latin orchestra from Miami whose wide-ranging musical approach draws from tropical styles such as reggae, cumbia, and salsa alongside urban influences like hip-hop, rock, and Latin alternative. This burning, rapid-fire multicultural ensemble heats up to a high-energy hyperactive sizzle on stage. Their biting social commentary integrates a message of unity and their philosophy of “One Sound.”

Locust Honey

locusthoneyThis Nashville based group will break your heart gently with their stunning harmonies and have you wondering just how a fiddle can blaze so hot! Hear these talented musicians croon the country sounds of Tennessee with heart and soul.

Magic City Hippies

11228900_964430513624402_7239894336836751188_nSelf proclaimed “Indie Funk” band Magic City Hippies give voice to a young Miami scene more Wynwood Hipster than South Beach Plastic.  Their rye lyrics and sometimes surf-rock inspired guitar licks make MCH an alluring new listen.


 Nag Champayons

5399797849_aedde8d540Nag Champayons are a six-man audio-visual collective best described as “Tropidelic Afrogalactic.” Their sound speaks to some illicit rendezvous between hip-hop, droning sitars, funk, and the Afro-Cuban empire; dark, hypnotic, and defiantly unpredictable!

Nativos Jammin Orquestra

NativosNativos Orquestra brings a dozen or more Miami musicians, members of many different bands, together as a powerhouse world music force. You will hear the hidden gems from many cultures and traditions in the sound of the Nativos. Influences from Cuba, Colombia, Africa, Brazil, Mexico, the Caribbean and more find themselves fused into seamless harmony.


PalefaceIndie-folk icon, Paleface plays sunny-sounding tunes with an edge of realism that keeps things interesting. Beck has quoted him as an influence on his early work and he’s collaborated with The Avett Brothers. Drummer Mo Samalot accompanies Paleface on vocals with a female voice that flushes out the dynamic attitude of their songs. Their latest album, One Big Party spawned US and European tours and positive national press. You’re in for a treat so listen up!

Preston Frank

PrestonFrankAccordionist Preston Frank is the Frank family’s link to the zydeco lineage that anchors their sound and moves our feet! Incredible talent moves right through the fingertips of this Louisiana patriarch. Listen up and listen good to the sounds of Zydeco, Cajun and Creole music preserved and prolific!


Richie Stearns & Rosie Newton

Richie&RosieRichie & Rosie are two dynamic musicians performing gorgeous music rooted in the Americana tradition. With sweet harmonies featuring Newton’s elegant voice and glittering fiddle, and Stearns’ spooky mantra-groove banjo, they expand the boundaries of traditional music. Together, they create a sound that is sometimes ethereal and sometimes just plain ol’ down home.

Rockwood Ferry

RockwoodFerryCalled “Progressive Chamber Folk”, Tenzin Chopak’s mesmerizing project can be a spiritual experience to behold. His storytelling rides waves of guitar and fiddle to sometimes dark conclusions yet the quality of his vocals uplifts. Come set yourself up for reverence and let the sounds of Rockwood Ferry take you with them on a sonic adventure.

School of Rock

schoolofrockThe School of Rock provides musical training for children interested in performing and writing music! The band consists of graduates and current students of this amazing local organization.


ScythianThey call it Immigrant Rock.  Celtic fiddles meet savvy guitar licks, the cello holds down the bass line and the banjo won’t be forgotten. Scythian are experts at starting the dance party and keeping it going all night long! Their road show has crossed the nation more than once, and they’ll join us in Miami to show South Florida what a hoedown is all about.  

Spam Allstars

SpamAllstarsSpam Allstars are one of the pioneers of the new Miami fusion sound. The 9-piece Latin, funk, hip hop, dub and electronica band blends improvisational elements with horns, turntables and Pythonesque humour to create what they call an electronic descarga. Their highly danceable and wide-reaching sound is pure funky fusion!


SuenaloSuénalo is Miami’s premier 8-piece Latin jam band, with a signature sound embracing funk, hip-hop, jazz, Afro-Caribbean rhythms and more. Their irresistibly infectious music provides the perfect soundtrack to the harmonious celebration of multiple cultures and love.


TambokaTamboka is inspired by Funk, Cumbia, Soul and Jazz, fused through the lens of Latin culture and born to make you move! Hear this local collective as they remind you of Samba and introduce you to the new Miami sound.

Telekinetic Walrus

TelekineticWalrusThis experimental collective creates a psychedelic hip-hop, funk and electronic experience that will have you seeing the world a little differently by the end of the set. Unabashedly wild and intent on amping up the crowd, this Miami crew takes the stage by storm and keeps the party popping.

The Wood Brothers

TheWoodBrothers_WEBThese masters of folk and blues have recently voyaged towards rock’s electric shores. Their most recent album, Paradise, is their 6th studio effort, a taste of the magnetic chemistry so apparent in their live performances. Chris Wood, of Medeski, Martin and Wood, his brother Oliver and now permanent third member Jano Rix on drums create a powerful trio on stage. Americana finds it’s way to a new generation through the virtuosic musicianship of The Wood Brothers.

Uma Galera

Uma_WEBIn Brazil, Galera refers to ‘the most popular place in a football stadium’ where the most excited fans gathered & now means ‘a big group of friends’. Each one of Uma Galera’s band members is from a different country, bringing their unique cultural perspective and rhythmic styles to the table. In the mix is ska, funk, cumbia, samba, reggae, salsa, murga, punk, rock, bossa nova, blues, jazz, and so much more. Fueled by their friendship, the band expresses and lives the message of global peace and unity.

Whistlin’ Dyl

11907202_440979162748726_5147864338019406892_nOriginal hillbilly soul music with a western flare. Alternative rockers, Texas waltzes and occasional heartfelt ballads share the stage with Dyl’s Whistlin’ and unique charm. He’s on a soul mission, belted out through those remarkable pipes, with lyrics that swing from irreverent to poignant and leave you with a wistful smile.

Zona De Bomba

12304014_1052343961453621_9098720628788527155_oZona De Bomba was founded in Miami by a collective of musicians passionate about promoting the Afro-Boricua tradition of bomba, and related musical styles from Latin America and the Caribbean. Drums, voices, and dance make up the dynamic of bomba, and the magic truly happens when dancer and drum connect.


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