2017 Performers:

Locos Por Juana

Locos Por Juana Shoot 1Locos Por Juana is an urban Latin orchestra from Miami whose wide-ranging musical approach draws from tropical styles such as reggae, cumbia, and salsa alongside urban influences like hip-hop, rock, and Latin alternative. This burning, rapid-fire multicultural ensemble heats up to a high-energy hyperactive sizzle on stage. Their biting social commentary integrates a message of unity and their philosophy of “One Sound.” Locos Por Juana’s Site

Donna The Buffalo


GrassRoots Festival founding band Donna the Buffalo source their sound from old-time American roots, a melting pot heritage drawn on and spun in to audible gold. From fiddle to accordion, scrub board to vocals, Tara Nevins lights up DTB  performances with a prolific range. Jeb Puryear’s electric guitar playing moves seamlessly between rocking melodies and a slow sweet ballad style. With duel songwriters DTB displays an incredible musical depth. You might just hear a reggae beat merge with a bluegrass melody, or a zydeco groove take flight on a rock & roll riff! Donna The Buffalo

Uma Galera


Miami’s experimental reggae band Uma Galera is a 8-piece powerhouse playing Latin-tinged grooves laced with rock, funk, ska and more to create what they call “world soul music.” Their fitting name means “one crowd”, as their bouts of musical improvisation inspire unity and grow good vibes. Uma Galera


Big Mean Sound Machine


BMSM formed in 2009 with one goal: to create music that stimulates both body and mind. Today, BMSM is a collective of over fifteen analog artists bringing together musical languages of West Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and North America to create a lush bed of rhythm and harmony that embraces even the most hardcore fans of both Traditional Funk and Avant-garde Jazz. Their songs are Big and sometimes Mean, but Sound a lot more soulful than any Machine! Big Mean Sound Machine

Nativos Jammin Orquestra

NativosNativos Orquestra brings a dozen or more Miami musicians, members of many different bands, together as a powerhouse world music force. You will hear the hidden gems from many cultures and traditions in the sound of the Nativos. Influences from Cuba, Colombia, Africa, Brazil, Mexico, the Caribbean and more find themselves fused into seamless harmony.

Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad


Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad’s sixth studio album MAKE IT BETTER was released September 16, 2016 on Rootfire Cooperative. It debuted at #1 on the Billboard Reggae Chart.

Formed in 2001 in Rochester, New York, GPGDS first received praise for their live show, which combined world beats and reggae rhythms within jamband aesthetics. In recent years the band’s studio recordings, which showcase their songwriting and musicianship across all genres of roots music, have further cemented their legend as master innovators and artists. “There is a lot of intention in this release. We had a purpose to prove to ourselves recording this album [MAKE IT BETTER]. We wanted to know that we could put our heads down and do good work fast. It was a great release artistically. It uniquely sounds the most progressive of anything we have ever done while also sounding the most like our first album.” -James Searl, Bassist/Vocalist Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad


fabiFABI is a blend of world beat-rootsy-grooves with lyrics in English, Spanish and Portuguese. A six piece band of gypsies, hailing from Colombia, Morocco and different parts of Latin America, FABI is a collective of masterful musicians dedicated to make music that elevates audiences and turns the dance floor into a sea of smiles! Fabi

The Blind Spots

whitneynicholsphotography-6199This all original, five-piece moxy rock band steered by magnetic songstress and force of nature Maddy Walsh has been actively touring the country after the release of its third studio album, RHIZOMATIC, which was accompanied by several music videos released at two sold-out premieres in their hometown of Ithaca, NY. The Blind Spots


Electric Piquete


Electric Piquete is a veritable melting pot of influences that range from rock to jazz spiced with everything in between: funk, Afro-Caribbean, progressive and R&B. Though mostly instrumental, the band does feature vocals and rapping on several numbers; a tight rhythm section and heavy percussion supports melodious horn play.  Electric Piquete


































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