Music/Discussion Workshops


 What’s Up With Whiteness?

This workshop will explore what “white” means through a racial justice lens. We will look at the political and social origins of “whiteness,” discuss how white supremacy culture functions, and look at ways we can work towards dismantling it. Friday, 1:30pm, Green Pavilion

A Conversation About Collective Liberation

“Collective liberation means recognizing that all of our struggles are intimately connected, and that we must work together to create the kind of world we know is possible” (Source: United Students Against Sweatshops). Or, as Fannie Lou Hamer put it, “Nobody’s free until everybody’s free.” Saturday, 1:30pm, Tea House

Both workshops will be led by Ami Worthen, a writer and activist, Ami Worthen aims to illuminate, amplify, and fortify equity-centric ideas and initiatives. Learn more about her work at

Check back for details on music workshops!






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