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The Historic Virginia Key Beach Park

We welcome you to join us at our new site, the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park. Its located only a few miles from downtown Miami, across the Rickenbacker Causeway. This hidden gem is incredibly scenic, featuring white sand beaches, tropical waters, and is the home of one of the oldest surviving Coastal Band Mangrove wetlands in the county.

The park has a significant history, it was dedicated in 1945, on a separate, unequal basis as the county’s only beach for people of color. It became a focal point for community engagement and celebration, and encouraged the solidarity that enabled the civil rights movement to flourish. Following de-segregation it fell into disrepair until a group of dedicated citizens took on revitalizing the park & saving it from development. It is now re-opened with a mission to preserve its environmental resources, honor its rich social and cultural history, and maintain a venue for community gathering.

The historic legacy of this site aligns with our GrassRoots vision, to build community across traditional lines of division. We strive to create positive social change through music, art, education, and the celebration of cultural diversity. Together, with the Historic Virginia Beach Park, we invite you to join us in creating and securing a better world for future generations to enjoy.

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