Arriving & Parking

Welcome to paradise – Music Lovers’ Paradise and paradise in general…


All festival goers enter through the main entrance to the  Historic Virginia Key Beach Park site, located at: 4020 Virginia Beach Drive Miami, Florida 33149.


The Miami International Boat Show is taking place on Virginia Key at the Marine Stadium February 11-15th. If you arrive at Culture Camp on the 14th or 15th, please be aware there may be some increased traffic coming onto the Rickenbacker Causeway and into/out of the park due to boat show parking at the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park on those days.

A few details about arriving:

1. The Park charges a vehicle fee that will be charged upon arrival. This goes directly to support the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park.

2. There is a toll for the Rickenbacker Causeway:

The Rickenbacker Causeway connects mainland Florida with Virginia Key, Crandon Key, & Key Biscayne. (There is a toll for the Rickenbacker Causeway.  If you have a SunPass, the causeway will deduct funds from this account. For non-SunPass users, Toll-By-Plate charges $2.25 per trip with a monthly administrative fee of $2.50.  You will be charged electronically and will be sent a bill in the mail.)  SunPass Fees:  2 axles $1.75 – 3 axles $10.50 – 4 axles $13.00 – 5 axles $15.75.




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