zero waste

Its Our Mission!

Environmental sustainability permeates all areas of the festival. Join us in ensuring a beautiful, clean world for years to come with our mission to have zero waste produced at GrassRoots!

Recycling stations are located throughout the site! Camping? Collect your recyclables for pickup by our Zero Waste Crew.

We compost! All of our vendors are required to use only compostable tableware products. So the plates, cups, forks, spoons, knives, straws, chopsticks etc you eat off of can all be composted. These items, which look like plastic are actually made of corn polymers & other renewable resources that are turned into fancy dirt at an industrial composting facility. All food scraps, even meat and dairy, can be composted as well!

We encourage you to bring your own re-fillable water bottles, coffee mugs, and other re-useable supplies to keep festival waste down too!

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