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We will be offering daily class schedule for 2018 available soon.


2017 Classes


Green Pavillion 9:30-10:30am– Morning Heart Opening Yoga, Tea House 10:30-11:30 Meditation, Beach Pavillion 1-2pm Energy Yoga w/Karmen


Green Pavillion 9:30-10:30am Warriors of Love Funky Fusion w/Nago Yoga, Tea House 10:30-11:30 Meditation, Beach Pavillion 1-2pm Laughter Yoga w/Karmen


Green Pavillion 9:30-10:30am Vinyasa Flow w/Michèle, 11-Noon Vinyasa Flow w/Jenna, Tea House 10:30-11:30am Meditation w/Guido, Beach Pavillion 12:30-1:30pm Open your Heart w/Rachel


Green Pavillion 9:30-10:30am Vinyasa Flow w/Jenna, 11-Noon Vinyasa Flow w/Michèle, 4:30 Unite w/Jenna & Michèle followed by body painting w/Cynthia Fleischmann

Tea House 10:30-11:30 Meditation w/Rachel

Beach Pavillion 11-Noon Qi Gong Dance w/Dr. Love, 12:30-1:30 Happy Hips w/Rachel


Green Pavillion 9:30-10:30 Yoga w/Guido, Tea House 11-Noon Meditation w/Guido, Beach Pavillion 1-2pm Energy Yoga w/Karmen

*Sunday there will also be several massage therapist on-site offering massage.

Class Descriptions:

Laughter Yoga w/ Karmen

 Come have fun, play, practice and laugh your heart out! This joyful Class is a unique combination of yoga postures, yogic breathing, laughter games and exercises, meditation and a final relaxation. In the class we will learn the four basic concepts as taught by Madan Kataria the founder of “Laughter Yoga” in India. Leaving you feeling blissful, relaxed and smiling! Benefits of Laughter Yoga Reduces stress & blood pressure, abdominal & cardio, immune boosting, team building and lots of fun!

Energy Yoga w/ Karmen

This class is all levels at a nice pace and flow.  The sequence of postures will help increase energy and vitality in the body.  The class includes sun salutations, strengthening and toning postures, balancing, and energy exercises (qi gong).  The class will end with a final relaxation and meditation.

Karmen is a licensed massage therapist and certified yoga instructor whom offers guidance for health, balance and well-being. Karmen has been a certified teacher sharing yoga, meditation & holistic healing practices for nearly 15 years. She has taught abroad, led retreats, and owned a Yoga & Healing Arts Center, and has also worked in mainstream healthcare settings. She is currently working full time sharing yoga, massage and wellness products with private clients, spas, corporations, special events, and festivals. She integrates her years of practice, study and knowledge to create a class that will be sure to leave you feeling blissful.

Vinyasa Flow w/Jenna

Jenna offers a dynamic Vinyasa flow, challenging yet suitable for all levels- from beginner to advanced yogi. While she uses many different lineages of yoga create a basic class structure, she mostly teaches from her personal practice, focusing on building strength while cultivating openness and flexibility. 

Vinyasa Flow w/Michèle

Michèle’s  classes are embedded with an imaginative taste. She simultaneously integrates the traditional with her own personal style resulting in an Vinyasa flow that she has personally hand picked and tailored from the multidimensional styles out there. Ultimately, her lessons aim to expand personal limitations and with a little luck to liberate our inherent joviality through an in depth crusade to the self. A yoga practice with Michèle will guide you on a journey within that integrates traditional philosophy, proper alignment and mindfulness in a lighthearted manner. Each session will in turn provide students originating from all levels with the opportunity to return to their center. 

Unite w/ Jenna & Michèle

In the spirit of musical festivities their joint class will humbly invite you to the world of yoga and the possibility of integrating it in the relationships we cultivate with ourselves, others and nature. Accompanied by the rhythms of the festival and guitarist, Matt Schwartz, this session will foster unity as well as celebration. Join them on a magic carpet ride at the Oceanside Pavillion and ride the wave of music, connectivity and love.

Jenna and Michèle are bigdreamsgoodevibes, they are one, yet they are authentic and extremely diverse individuals. Ying & Yang, the apple of each other’s eye (wink wink), sisters, friends and partners. They aspire to inspire students from all walks of life by providing them with a yoga practice that will invite awareness both on and off the mat. Rooting from mankind’s benevolent nature, they guide their students towards the cultivation of a yoga practice that welcomes creative expression, balance and flexibility. 

Open your Heart w/Rachel

Open Your Heart – A dynamic, powerful, magical class awaits you! Creating space along the spine, across the upper back, shoulders, and the heart center, the arc of class follows the beats of the music. Flowing from one pose to the next, participants are encouraged to truly let go into the movement of the moment, providing space for deeper exploration of their yoga practice – opening up the front side of the body and letting go of the “sitting all day on the computer” shoulder hunch! Ending with a juicy, deep, relaxing Savasana allows the benefits of the practice to truly sink in. Open to all levels.

Happy Hips w/Rachel

This hip opening workshop is great for runners, athletes, and people that sit a lot! Taught in a flow style, with a focus on creating space within the pelvis, releasing muscle tension in the legs, and supporting the low back. Class is open to all levels of practice – please bring a bath/swim towel to use for support in different postures. Open to all levels.

Check out Rachel of Heart Thread Yoga

Warriors of Love Funky Fusion

Janet of Nago Yoga will teach a warrior of love funky fusion of African warrior dance with yoga warrior Asana!

Qigong Acu- Dance 

Medical Qigong is using exercise as acupuncture to move Qi through meridians and increase blood circulation.  Typically Qigong is very slow moving and meditative.

In order to expose more people to Qigong, especially young people, George Xavier Love, doctor of Oriental Medicine and licensed Acupuncture Physician transformed the Qigong movements into Dance.  By speeding them up and performing to rhythmic lyrics and adding percussive sounds, Dr. Love has created a unique tool for teaching health through movement.

Check out Dr. Love


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