Zen Village Healing Arts

We are honored to partner with the Zen Village of Coconut Grove to bring The Zen Village Tent, The Healing Arts Area & numerous movement workshops throughout the festival. During the festival you can experience a Zen Tea Service, workshops in various lineages of Yoga, Meditation, & Tai Chi, a Healer for your every need, Dance for Universal Peace, and more! All set to the rhythm of the ocean. Come, allow yourself to set adrift in this healing current.

Master Chufei Tsai founded charitable non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations Zab Sang Institute, Heart for Humanity and Zen Village in Miami, Florida in 2000. With over 28 years of experience teaching and counseling around the world, she has gathered all of her knowledge and experience to develop a training program that can benefit people from all walks of life. In her educational practice and experiential training programs, Master Tsai integrates proven historical methods based on ancient wisdom, philosophy as well as other healing systems and adapts them for today’s world with a proven record of beneficial results that allows individuals to heal, restore, and maintain optimum psychological, spiritual, physical and environmental health and wellness.

The Zen Village Tent

Tea House – Zen Tea Ceremony – Art exhibition – Artists on-hand with their meditative artwork for sale – Gift shop with Articles such as Buddha statues, prayer beads, yoga mats, t-shirts, incense, candles – Reception Desk with reading materials & instructional guides

Zen Tea Ceremony

Chinese traditional tea ceremonies can trace back thousands of years in history. The gift of tea has strongly embedded in Chinese culture. This ceremony is created by Master Chufei Tsai, who has over three decades of tea experience in educating people on how to use their five senses, along with mind and body, to bring peace and openness to one’s life. Experiencing a Zen Tea Ceremony can ease your mind, beyond words.


The Healing Arts Area

These modalities will be offered throughout the days: Reflexology, Shaitsu, Deep Tissue Massage, Yoga Massage, Thai Massage, Reiki, BodyTalk Healing, Prana Healing, Singing Bowls Sound Healing Meditation & more.

Photo: Vincent Raffard

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